Live Motorcycle Drag Racing Stream @XDA Maryland Sunday – Rider Interviews

May 3, 2022

Sunday morning is race day, and Hollywood Drag Racing went live at XDA. We got to have exclusive interviews with some of the finest racers in the game. We could see an amazing view of bikes, including the Suzuki Hayabusa drag bike.

On the Motorcycle drag racing live stream, Dustin Lee revealed that he won the championships in the 5.60 finals. According to Dustin, he wasn’t happy about the No 5 plate he got because the number 7 was his lucky number. He brushed off praises of being one of the toughest racers and attributed all his success to his unwavering persistence and consistency. “I don’t give up, that’s the way I am.” On the live stream, he shows us his top gas bike, which runs at 7.82; He built the bike himself and is proud that it went 360 runs without going out of frame. Dustin Lee started building bikes when he was young. Young Dustin would sell parts in his dad’s shop. He worked for his dad and sold new race parts as a side hustle. In his own words, “when you got hard times, you gotta work two jobs.” Dustin Lee has sponsored a few races, including the gamblers race and SDBA. For Dustin, it’s about keeping the drag race family going.

We also see Derek Milbourne, a two-time hand clutch champion from Boringdon Virginia. Derek’s been into racing for 10 years, and now he’s looking to bring his daughter in while he retires. Tagged “the silent killer” Derek heartily says he is married to the race game. It was an amazing live stream with sights and scenes of drag race champions, fast bikes and the No 7 plate.

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