Hollywood Drag Racing Set to Take Over 2022 Man Cup Pro Ultra 460 Sponsorship

March 29, 2022

Hollywood Broderick Jackson and the Hollywood drag racing team are set to take over sponsorship of 2022 Pro Ultra 4.60 class Man Cup events

This year 2022 is packed with exciting expectations for all ManCup events. Broderick “Hollywood” Jackson is set to sponsor the pro ultra 4.60 class and beyond. The news broke after Ed Grothus of Grothus Dragbikes chose to withdraw all sponsorship of Grothus Dragbikes Ultra 4.60 after the 2021 season. Broderick of the Hollywood Drag Racing class has since seized this opportunity to sponsor this year’s Man Cup events.

The Hollywood Drag Racing is confidently sponsoring the Pro Ultra 4.60 class and looking towards the winning prize; the Pro Ultra 4.60 class is determined to deliver; the highly competitive drag race will in no doubt test the zeal of the class. We are expecting incredible speeds filled with a high adrenaline rush. With so many rivals, high stakes, and prices, we expect nothing less than intriguing competition from all classes.

The stakes are high, as 4.60 riders will now compete in the “Hollywood Pro 4.60” class. The total purse starts at 5,300.00 for each event, with the winner walking away with about 3,000.00 from the total prize pool. The runner-up is not left out as they bag a whooping sum of 1,000.00. Prizes also extend towards semi-finalists who walk away with 250.00 each, quarter-finalists take up 100.00 each, and the last prize sits with eight finalists who win 50.00 each.

This year is set to show an amazing twist; the class finally joins the Pro Class status, moving up from its previous premiere sportsman class. Because of this change, the class will be able to run all qualifying and elimination rounds with other Pro fields.

The motorcycle drag racing class sponsor Broderick “Hollywood” Jackson is in high spirits after the start of the 2022 season with the Exoticycle Nationals at Orlando Speed World. In Broderick’s own words, “We’re going to bring the 4.60 class to a whole new level and I am excited to be a part of it. Just wait, we will have even more good news on the class as the season progresses. And, I promise you, the World Finals is going to be epic when it comes to 4.60 racing, you can count on it!”

Hollywood Drag Racing – The Official Sponsor of The Man Cup Pro Ultra 4.60 Racing Class Series.
Visit: Tv.hollywooddragracing.com For Live Motorcycle Drag Racing Coverage.

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