Q & A with Roy Sears and Gordon Johnson

May 15, 2021

Legendary PM Racers Roy Sears and Gordon Johnson Team Up To Battle Tough 4.60 Competition

Interviewer: Who we got here now.

Roy: I’m Roy.

Interviewer: Where are you from Mr. Sears?

Roy: I’m from Dallas, Texas. Now I’m from Fresno, California.

Interviewer: Oh, you’re a Cali guy. Let me see, let me see. You’ve got some friend. Let me tell you guys are friends. No Eagles represent, the Fresno Falcons. We got a Cali out here in Alabama. I know you’re about to freeze out here today.

Roy: I have this, I know this is but I’m pretty practical.

Interviewer: I tell you what, man, you got a really nice looking motorcycle here Mr. Sears. And I appreciate you coming out here to support us, man. You know, we really are trying to do something special. You know, it’s nothing about personal situation between Hollywood and everybody else. It’s all about drag racing in its totality, man. You know, we’re trying to support each other. We’ve never had nobody to come out and really do nothing for us. We ruined a lot of classes in the process,, so we got one that’s pretty good, and we’re we’ll try to hold on to it. Keep it as natural as we possibly can and have some fun, man. I really appreciate y’all giving me a little time to come up in here and see y’all. You’ve got Gordon Johnson too though, you’re going to see him out here on the race track.

Interviewer: This man beat me before, too in the final. Hey, you better remember that night. He whoop my ass in the final. Hey, I thought I had him coming. I looked back and next thing I know he just zoop back around me. It was his day and you know, one thing fun about me and going to bed and I don’t know. I’m 3:15 and he’s 3:16. John 3:16, both of us we always say a little prayer. He says a prayer personally out loud. I always say one under my helmet and we always wish each other be safe at the track and everything, man. This is love out here. This is family, man. It’s all about love and family. We just have fun out here together. Have a good time. But look Mr. Sears’ got two pieces up here. He’s going to be ready for y’all.

Interviewer: I don’t know but, I was talking about going out there and they run 450 and at that point we’ve got to turn up a little bit, but look we appreciate y’all coming out here supporting us. We’re going to tell Angela once again, and Huntsville Dragway. Thank you for having us every year. You got us out here and give us a good facility to work out and we’re going to keep trying to support you. It’s another African-American owned race, track and operated. So look how much we can do for each other. We’ll do it. It ain’t about color, creed or religion. I keep telling y’all that just come on. Let’s have some fun.

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