Upcoming Drag Bike Racing Event in Orlando, Fl

March 1, 2022

What’s going on Hollywood Drag Race fans. I’m now back up in the lab trying to talk about what’s coming up with this Man Cup Race. The 41st Exotic Cycle Man Cup Race is coming up. It’s spring Nationals down here at the exciting Orlando speed world drag race. We’re going to have 11 classes of drag racing, motorcycle entertainment for the fans, for you to come out here and check us out, get to see your favorite racers race on the new track for the first event of the year.

And this is going to be the first year where ultra 4.60 is going to be recognized as a pro class in the manufacturers’ cup. It’s recognized in other sanction bodies as Pro Ultra 4.60. But for the manufacturer’s cup, this will be the first year where it’s recognized as Pro Ultra 4.60.

I hope you make the field because it’s going to be a lot of people who will be trying to get in. A lot of folks won’t make it, but that’s going to be part of the drama that you’ll have to deal with, that’s racing as a whole.  We have lots of trophies and would like to thank all the presenters that came on board this year. Thanks to Keane and Duncan Express, they are the trophy presenters for the upcoming race at Orlando 4.60 Man Cup.

We’re going to have Sanders Roofing and Carpentry, Perfect P-Trap, Dave Chambers, and Hollywood – that’s me. We’ll also have Destiny and her brand that will be providing an award for the championship this year at the Pro Ultra 4.60 Manufacturers Cup.

I also want to give a special thanks to Pathway Trucking. Thanks so much, Megan and Jimmy, we really appreciate what you’ve done helping us to take care of the 4.60 people. We also want to thank Performance for the perfect package, for the one person that places first.

This year HollywoodDragRacing.com, will be presenting an achievement award for the event in conjunction with the winners’ award of the Manufacturers Cup. It’s going to be worth winning! We’re going to put some tangible things and some crypto stuff in place for you as well.

Make sure you make it out to the Orlando Man Cup on March 4th through the 6th at Orlando Speed World Drag Race. It’s going to be packed!

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