Q & A with Jeff Jones FastTime Racing

May 5, 2021

Hollywood Talks to 4.60 Drag Bike Super Star Jeff Jones & Family in Harvest @ The Huntsville Drag

Interviewer: All right, here we go. We’re here at Huntsville drag way. We’ve got Hollywooddragracing.com, Hollywood Drag Race Productions. We got here FastTime motorsport, Jeff Jones and we got Chase Morris. We got my kid photo bombing and we got Chase’s little boy here. What’s his name again?

Chase: Cooper.

Interviewer: Hey Cooper. What’s up Cooper.

Cooper: Hi.

Interviewer: Hey, what’s you got going on Cooper?

Jeff: Say drag racing, man.

Cooper: Drag racing.

Interviewer: Oh yeah. Who’s going to win today at 460.

Cooper: My pap.

Interviewer: Who?

Chase: Papa.

Interviewer: Papa. Which one is papa. Oh, so papa’s going to win and not daddy? You’re going with papa over daddy? Oh man, what’d you got to say about that, Mr. Chase.

Chase: He’s a papa boy.

Interviewer: Oh yeah. What y’all guys going to be racing on today, man? What class y’all got. I know y’all both have 460. I heard y’all got a new bike came out this year. So what you got going on with that.

Jeff: Some brand new things coming out. Some brand new PMF art coming out. It’s a really nice piece. It’s setting the world on fire with it.

Interviewer: Is he going to run pro or he’s going to 460 with it?

Jeff: We’re going round 460 right now.

Interviewer: What does that mean? Oh, that’s a wink went on over there and we got a little wink going on. I mean, who built the bike? I will tell it’s a PMF wireframe. Who’s the engines by?

Jeff: the engine’s built by me. All the wiring and everything. Max [inaudible 1:20] is all done by me.

Interviewer: Okay, cool. Cool. So, you guys are a two bike team, or a one bike team this year.

Chase: Two bike team.

Interviewer: Okay, cool. Well, look here, we’re going good to see y’all a little bit later. I think they’re doing a panel 360 with the rider. So we’ll get to see you guys, there. Make sure y’all get some stickers on y’all bikes, man. Thank y’all for coming out and represent 460 and Angela Jones out here in Huntsville at the King of the Crown 2021. And we’ll see Chase and Jeff Jones out here a little bit later. Thank you guys.

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