Q & A with Jimmy Petway from Maegen Bowers Racing

April 25, 2021

Hollywood Jackson Talks with Pro Ultra 4.60 Racer Jimmy Petway

Interviewer: Man, I got my legendary trouble over here, Mr. Petway right here. You know Mr. Petway has beat me on my own bike two or three times. And well look here, man, that’s what it shows you look. Tell them, we bought the bike ready on right?

Jimmy: Right.

Interviewer: Right. Okay, well look here man, that’s how we do it out here. See that’s what we’re try and tell y’all out here. Listen, man, we help each other tune our bike, we help each other do everything we do to get to the track. You know, the man bought a championship back, dead on with sixties. The man came down here last year at this same event with no electronics, number the shifter, the bike, the firestorm and he went up four 460s, four 4602 in a row with something. A 60 with some four times in a row. How long have you been riding 460?

Jimmy: Three months.

Interviewer: What?

Jimmy: Three months.

Interviewer: Three months man. See what I’m trying to tell y’all man. Listen, come on out. Get you some, have some fun. This is Megan’s husband as well. You know, she and their family, are the Megan Bowers team? Is that right? What y’all doing out here with Ms. Bowers today?

Jimmy: Man, it’s all about her today, man. I’m coming to watch, hope to do a good thing. It’s all about her today.

Interviewer: That’s right. We heard from her daddy earlier. We now heard from her husband, but this is going to be something else now. I hope y’all have fun out here at Hollywooddragracing.com, Huntsville Drag Racing, King of the Crown. Once again, we’re going to have a lot of fun with our families and friends, man. We’ll look forward to y’all. Check us out on live stream later on this evening. We’re going to start trying to go live around 12, showing what’s going on behind the scenes. And we’re going to show you first round of qualifying with some of the production that happened behind the scene. You’ll get to see it on the racetrack. Just take it easy, sir.

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