Motorcycle Drag Racing “Queen Of The South” Maegan Bowers Petway

April 14, 2022

Maegan Bowers Petway is NHDRO’s first female African American nitrous 4.60 motorcycle drag racing champion.

Megan is climbing the ranks and making history in the motorcycle drag racing circuit. She has professed her dreams to become the first black female Man Cup motorcycle drag racing champion. The 28-year-old Nashville, Tennessee, Native has been in love with motorcycles since she was four. According to her, at 15 years old, she asked her dad for her first bike. To prove she could handle one, she had to switch gears excellently in front of her dad. Switching gears took the exceptional 15-year-old  Maegen Bowers only a month to learn.

For her 16th birthday, her ever-supportive dad got her a customized 1989 GSxR 1100. From riding on the street, she started to feel the desire to drag race. Her dreams of becoming a professional motorcycle drag racer did not dwindle as she continued to practice every day with her dad.

Maegan has been known to ride a 2008 Hayabusa 2015 ZX 14 Kawasaki. Also, inside information tells us she will be debuting a new Pro Ultra 4.60 Drag bike soon. Stay tuned in for details. For Maegan, drag racing is therapeutic. If given the chance, she would race every weekend.

Maegan Bowers Petway Maegan Racing Family

She’s not just on a mission to win; she wants to inspire other women to race. In her own words to women, “You don’t need a fast bike or need any special skill to race. Don’t be afraid, just get started.”

This year, Maegan is out to win a championship from XDA and the Man Cup, and we are cheering her on to victory.
Let’s Go Queen Of The South!

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