Q & A with Jackson & Gordon Slim Johnson

April 2, 2021

Hollywood Jackson & Gordon Slim Johnson Talk In Harvest, Alabama

Interviewer: Who I got over here, man.

Gordon: You’ve got Gordon Slim Johnson.

Interviewer: Where are you from?

Gordon:  Alabama.

Interviewer: What y’all going to be riding out here today, man. Let me see what you got here, man. You don’t mind me coming up here. We’re going to keep the social distance thing. Look a little legit, so everybody know we take care of each other out here. We ain’t trying to get too sick out here.

Gordon: Yeah, we got my friends bike here out of Dallas, Texas. HHOT (Heavy Hitters Of Texas).

Interviewer: Heavy Hitters Of Texas, but listen here man, we’re all the way down here in Huntsville, Alabama, man. We’ve got the Texas boys coming all the way out here to represent.

Gordon: Come all the way from Texas. Sure everybody coming out to support Hollywood himself. You’ll have a good time in coming.

Interviewer: That’s beautiful, man. So when y’all take on, when y’all hear about the this that Hollywood’s doing, what is your interpretation of what you see here?

Gordon: My interpretation of this here, is a gentleman, which is Hollywood. I been knowing for years to put something like this together. People only talked about doing it, but when you see somebody actually putting it together, it’s truly amazing. Because I’ve been racing for 40 something years and never in my lifetime that I’d dreamed it, someone would even think about even doing it, let alone doing what he’s doing.

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