Q & A with Mika Wheeler Racing

April 10, 2021

Questions & Answers with Mika Wheeler Racing at Huntsville

Interviewer: All right now, standing here with Michael Wheeler, the son of Deshawn Wheeler, Wheeler Racing, and the guy who built my bike. This is his kid, his son. What are you doing Mike?

Michael: I’m a fire fighter when I’m not a fighting fire whatever, I’m with my dad at the shop, helping out whenever I can.

Interviewer: What fire department you work at?

Michael: Pleasant Ridge Park.

Interviewer: Give a shout out to the firefighters up there, man.

Michael: Shout out to all the firefighters up there working hard.

Interviewer: How long have you been a firefighter Mike?

Michael: About a year.

Interviewer: Oh, so you’re a newbie?

Michael: Yeah, I’m a newbie.

Interviewer: You’re in the truck yet?

Michael: Yeah, I’m in the truck.

Interviewer: Oh yeah, so what they got you doing in the truck? Rolling hose up and everything.

Michael: Everything.

Interviewer: Oh man, that’s cool.

Michael: You name it, we can do it.

Interviewer: Oh yeah. So what’s up with this Huntsville racing today. How are you feeling today?

Michael: I feel good. I feel good.

Interviewer: How do you feel about the little production situation we got, we’re trying to do for ourselves out here?

Michael: It’s going to be the hottest thing smoking out here.

Interviewer: Hollywooddragracing.com. But it’s a production company as we told y’all.

Michael: I saw it on Facebook too, look us up. Yes, it’s there on Facebook. I’ll be sharing the stuff out of it. So be on the lookout.

Question: All right. So we’re going to come up to your trailer a little bit. See what you guys bought out. I know y’all brought out a good little batch of bikes out here. What y’all got in the trailer for us today?

Michael: Two, 460 bikes.

Question: Which bikes y’all have with you? I know y’all have a whole house full of them.

Michael: We brought two of Terry Hope’s bikes out, one we call the blue goose and the other we call the silver bullet.

Interviewer: Well, if I don’t know who Terry Hope is, I have to pay a lot of respect to Mr. Hope, myself, Terry Hope, y’all don’t know the paint job on my bike. He got the bike painted. It was his bike to Deshawn Willard, his dad, Michael’s dad took the bike. Me and him talked about a vision, what we wanted to look like. And that’s how we got the bike 2020, the paint job, courtesy of Terry Hope and Bruce up in Kentucky. Bruce got another one of my bikes. He’s painted everything I have since Deshawn and I have not been working together. Bruce is an awesome painter man. Deshawn’s an awesome bike builder. You know, Mike has been up there. Mike’s dad fixed my bike when I was having problems. He actually spotted the problem.

Interviewer: That’s right. So Mike’s dad is the one who found the problem. Well look once again, man this is a family event. Michael Wheeler, Deshawn Wheeler of Wheeler Racing, I appreciate y’all being out here, man. We’re going to come up and check on y’all bikes a little later on. And once again, I appreciate you giving us a little time to do the interview boss.

Michael: Yes, sir.

Interviewer: Thank you sir.

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